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What's It Feel Like

To Be A Ghost

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acoustic, adam lazzara, afi, aim, aladdin, alkaline trio, all-american rejects, allister, andrew mcmahon, animals, anti-flag, anti-racism, anti-rape, babies, bad religion, band shirts, bands, bass players, bassists, beauty and the beast, billy idol, black eyeliner, black lacy undies, black nail polish, bowling for soup, boys, boys making out, brand new, bright eyes, buffy the vampire slayer, cell phones, cigarettes, cocoa, conor oberst, converse, count the stars (r.i.p.), crazy bitches, cutting up shirts, dashboard confessional, die trying, diet coke, disney movies, emo, evanescence, eyebrow piercings, fall out boy, fight club, finding nemo, free shirts, fuse, gay marriage, gay-rights, geoff rickly, good charlotte, green day, guitars, harry potter, hellogoodbye, hoobastank, ipods, j.k rowling, jamba juice, jesse lacey, john mayer, johnny depp, kill bill, kittens, linkin park, lord voldemort, marlboro 100's, matchbook romance, mest rip, music, mxpx, my dogs, my friends, napoleon dynamite, new found glory, nofx, nose piercings, nsync, old school nickelodeon, orange juice, piano rock, piercings, pink floyd, politics, pretty boys, psychology, punkd, puppies, queer as folk, r.e.m., rainy days, rancid, roleplaying, rubber ducks, shinedown, shopping, shows, silver, skittles, slash, smile empty soul, something corporate, spice girls, starbucks, straylight run, taco bell, taking back sunday, tattoos, the academy is..., the clash, the honorary title, the killers, the lion king, the little mermaid, the matches, the princess diaries, the starting line, the used, three days grace, thursday, tongue piercings, viggo mortenson, vodka, volleyball, warped tour, weekly world news, wicca, writing, writing slash